Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fun with blogs

The Ordover gallery recently had a call for entries; those chosen would be displayed in the 'Best of Nature' show in the Natural History Museum at Balboa Park, San Diego.  They received 2000 plus images and chose 70 for the show.  I submitted the ten images below and had one of them chosen.  If you'd like to guess the one you think it was, feel free to post your choice as a comment or email me.  I think you need a google or blogger account to comment, but that’s easy enough to get.  I'll send the winner an 8x10 or 8x12 print of their choice.  If there's more than one correct guess, I’ll employ highly scientific methods to randomly select one, or maybe just close my eyes and point.  I'll announce the winner in two weeks.

1 (top), 2 (bottom)

3 (t), 4 (b)

5 (l), 6 (r)

7 (t), 8 (b)

9 (t), 10 (b)


Simon said...

I say 9. All great though!

Anonymous said...

all of them are awesome! it was a tough one between 7 and 8 but i'm gonna guess 8?

Aaron said...

I dig 9 as well.

Amy! said...

Tough choice. I'll go for number five. All amazing though!


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