Saturday, June 20, 2009

Footlong! Who ordered the footlong?!

A friend of ours wanted some portraits of her dog.  When I heard Buffy was a dachshund, I knew exactly where I wanted to go!

I had this idea in mind during the shoot so we shot for it, clipped Buffy out, removed her owners hand from underneath her and then found a map I liked for the background.  It wasn't until I had it printed I noticed the map said 'Parsot of Bark Shire' at the top.  It was easy enough to swap the name to make it Buffy of Bark Shire!

The 'hotdog man' peeking over the top of the menu makes this photo! 


Anonymous said...

HAHA! That's so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, great idea, James!


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