Sunday, August 30, 2009

'Best of' San Diego Magazine photo contest

San Diego Magazine has a popular feature once a year where the 'Best of,' everything from restaurants to doctors, are chosen and highlighted by the magazine. I entered their photo competition and out of the two finalists chosen for each of four categories, 'First Things First' was chosen for the portrait category and 'Oceanside Pier' for the nature category. At the Best of San Diego party this past Friday, 'First Things First' was announced the Best of the Best winner! I'm doubly humbled in that, there were many great images to choose from and the prize is the opportunity to shoot an upcoming feature for the magazine! Thanks, so much, San Diego Magazine for the honor and the great opportunity!

'First Things First'

'Oceanside Pier'

Monday, August 24, 2009

Moody blues, oranges and greens

Trying to find anything quickly in my archives never happens! While looking for another image, I came across these, a few that didn't make the portfolio but are interesting nonetheless.

The main grocery mart in Cannon Beach makes THE BEST fried burritos at their deli! If I had my choice of restaurants in Oregon, I would go there. My wife would tell you that that says a lot about me, and I do believe she's right.

Seal Rock, Central Oregon coast shortly after sunset. Of all the great times to be there, this is one of the best. When everyone else is gone and communion with nature is uninterrupted.

Taken well after sunset, exposure on this was running about six minutes. The light in the middle was produced by a couple at the end of the beach with a flashlight.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Quick thought on Photoshop

The subject of Photoshop and its implications is one that’s close to my heart. I have a twelve-year-old sister who, along with men and women of every age, are inundated by images of perfection from magazines, movie posters, the internet to advertising that is continually finding new ways of popping up everywhere we look. Photoshop is the darkroom of today, but unlike the traditional darkroom, digital manipulation is limitless. To those that desire it, the path to physical perfection now has a viable virtual shortcut, in the realm of imagery. I use Photoshop, every professional (that shoots digitally) does. The defining factor is to what degree and where each artist draws his or her line. When I was in school I remember watching a video of Ansel Adams’ master printers cutting negatives with surgical precision to create composites. The techniques have changed, but the pursuit of perfection and the morality of what you do, remains the same.

I won’t write a dissertation, but the issue has far reaching socio and psychological ramifications. Suffice to say, I make sure that everyone, but especially the women, in my life know that 99% of the images portraying physical beauty nowadays, are not real.

On the scale of Photoshop extremes, the image below is very minor, but it will illustrate the point.

The key light in the image did not catch the eye on the left, so that was recreated. Minor skin flaws were removed, lipstick color toned down and overall color temperature adjusted.

Click the image above for a closer look at alterations. Dove made a fantastic video compilation on an entire 'beauty' shoot that's worth watching and passing on. It can be viewed here,

Monday, August 3, 2009

Zion remix

Had the pleasure of visiting Zion National Park again recently. The park is gorgeous, an absolute photographic wonderland and this trip did nothing but deepen my fondness for it. Again accompanied by my buddy Jeremey, we had two days of fun in the 100+ degree sun! I think my Alaskan bones are finally beginning to thaw out!

Big horned sheep, amazingly powerful and agile and just as curious of me as I of them.

The arrow sign is just begging for a caption! I think Jeremey said it should be titled 'One Way.' Anyway, it's nice to see a sign that gets to the point!

Ok, the two funny portraits had to go together to save space, but I wouldn't suggest actually giving horses beer. In my experience, they're crazy enough.

'The narrows' in Zion is widely considered the best hike in America and I can see why, it's breathtaking! Because of recent rain, it got pretty deep in some spots and I'm sure people got a kick out of watching me and Jeremey try and keep our cameras dry!

Noticed the sign on the way out. It's nice they put it up, we kept wondering why we didn't see many people in the water!


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