Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've had a couple shoots lately photographing speakers for Pioneer Pro DJ that I'm not allowed to post, so here's a bit of filler.

I'm often asked if the image below is photoshopped, so I thought I'd post the succession of images in which it was created, untouched in post. By seeing the original, you can see exactly what was done in photoshop to create the final.

My family and I spotted two eagle's off the side of the road just outside of Portage Glacier near Anchorage Alaska. I grabbed my camera and slowly started wading through 3-5 feet of snow (don't know how deep it was because I couldn't feel the ground!) towards the birds, shooting as I went because you never know which photo will be your last, once they decide to fly away. The only lens I had with me was a 24-70 so I knew I needed to get pretty close to get anything worthwhile. To my surprise, I got really close before one of them flew away and I was able to get even closer before the other began to get antsy. At that point, I set my focus, turned off auto focus, and waiting to pan with her as she flew away.

This is the only opportunity I've had to photograph an eagle and I most certainly know I got lucky with her placement between the trees along with a full wing spread. Speaking frankly however, I couldn't tell you how many times I've done everything I could to botch up an image or shoot and God has provided 'luck' at that precise moment my technical and/or artistic abilities failed, just to help me along my way. I really should be writing them down! It is now.....absolutely.....way beyond coincidence!


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