Thursday, June 4, 2009

Expert photo taking

Roland recently sent me to New York to photograph a gentleman named Joey Raia.  He’s a remixing and sound design guru.  A little bit of work and a little bit of play, in a very short time frame.  As a photographer, or anyone I’d imagine, having so little free time in New York is a bit like that game show where they give you ten seconds to grab as much money floating around as you can, but then place you ten seconds away from the box! 

Notice the LaGuardia arrival and JFK departure?  Good, 'cause I DIDN'T!

Chrysler building reflection.  In camera capture, black and white conversion and 'real' side (left side) darkened in photoshop.

This photo is just begging for a caption!  When I saw this, I immediately felt better about all of my advertising efforts.  I’ve created a couple snazzy promos in my seven years at this, but in 51 years, this is the best they could come up with?!  Then I got to thinking, 51 years is a long time!  They must be doing something right.  After several minutes, I concluded this sign is absolute genius and if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  And so....

it is with very high hopes, I present to you the new Maciariello Photography ad campaign! 

Comp. of one of the resulting Raia ads.

Whenever I remember, I try and take a picture of my feet that includes something of my surroundings when I travel.  I’m not sure when I started doing this, but I know it’s been awhile.  It may make an interesting compilation someday.  

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