Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Salton Sea Salutations

The Salton sea always has a way of making you feel fortunate once you've returned home alive.  Maybe that's why most people you mention the sea to have either A) never been there, or B) never even heard of it!  And it's understandable (kind of), it's earned its reputation, but we've found it also to be a refuge, not only for 80% of the aviary population migrating between North and South America, but for ourselves (especially in the winter)!  All the elements there seem to be on the fringe, which is what fascinates me I think.  It's normally very hot, throughout history has either been a desert or flooded, is extremely beautiful in a haunting way, it's history fascinating and not least of all, seems to attract some of THE most interesting people you'll ever meet!  Some of whom go out of their way to visit with you like Leonard Knight, creator of Salvation Mountain, while others sport signs that say "TRESSPASSERS WILL BE SHOT" and MEAN it, 'a la Salton Sea, the movie.  We met some of each, luckily, most from the former camp.  

       Salvation Mountain 

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