Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back to the Oregon coast!

Similar to our adventurous predecessors Lewis and Clark before us, Kim and James, and later joined by our buddy Jeremey, set out on our own voyage of obligation and discovery. Once the obligatory weddings were out of the way, we had two days and two sunsets left for our discovery! Unlike the undaunted daring duo, our exploration was not for a nation, but rather only for ourselves, in a place that is quickly gaining a very special place in my heart, the Oregon coast. I think Lewis and Clark would be proud--take into account that we had Kimmer and they only had Sacajawea, we may have actually outdone them! Although, after our power inverter broke in our car, and we had to find outdoor plug-ins to power our cell phones, laptops and camera batteries, they very well might have been ashamed of us!! But our story still has Kimmer!  

Finally, cool clouds!

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Ugliest two-headed man ever!

Lucy, the most beautiful-ugly dog in the world!  Our little trailer hitch head.

15 minute exposure in the dark.

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