Tuesday, May 26, 2009

James and Kim's Fantastic Yosemite Adventure!

~Cue the scratchy record player and as the gramophone churns the plinking of the old-time piano from slow motion up to normal speed there you will find James and Kim driving up historic route 395 in-between California's (narrator takes care to pronounce Californ-ee-ah's) most impressive peaks! Just for fun? 120 years late to a gold rush? Yes on both accounts and because it's closer than Monument Valley! Why is James driving so fast?! Oh no! The projector reel's stuck in fast forward! Fully stocked with bologna, Kraft singles, Wonder bread, RC cola and wine, their trusty Nissan stagecoach delivers our hero and heroine to their place of sanctuary, far away from the bustle of the metropolis below!

This image was taken directly below Bridalveil falls and is a compilation of three images taken in (very quick) succession, after which I covered my camera with a rain jacket.  I however, was PUMMELED with a wave of water that was MUCH stronger than expected and instantaneously dropped me to my knees!  If you’re ever in need of a sobering realization of the power of God, there are a number of ways of doing it, one of which is to stand underneath Bridalveil Falls while it’s running.  Just be sure to protect the camera and make sure you get the shot in as few takes as possible.

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