Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First shoot with the 5D Mark II

I sat down before this shoot with the Mark II's manual, made some custom function changes, familiarized myself with some of its unique characteristics and became friends with my new camera.  There's a certain relationship between camera and photographer, similar to the way some name their vehicle or boat.  I don't name my cameras and I'm not an equipment snob, they're simply tools.  But as with any good relationship you have to indeed, enjoy each others company and establish clear lines of communication!

             Click the above image to view a larger example of the Mark II's resolution (no photoshop).

Speaking of not being an equipment snob, I've only recently installed CS3 although I've had it for quite some time.  Among its many improved features, black and white conversion is much more intuitive than CS1.


Bachelorette Party Partners said...

The black and white looks real good... I had fun!! thanks!!

James said...

You did an amazing job, especially considering it being your first time shooting! Thanks for checking out the blog.


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