Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Picturesque Scotland

I didn't have nearly enough time in Edinburgh when I was there several years ago. In fact, all these images, except for the red door, were taken off the top of the same open air bus tour through the city. It's history is staggering and it's beauty breathtaking!

This scene has always looked fake to me! So I added a little blur to exaggerate the feel.

The bus paused enough at a stop sign for me to take five or so photos of this square. Exaggerated layers and some deliberately sloppy photoshop creates a curious look. The red door is the coolest church door I've ever seen! The Scottish have some serious style.

No caption needed!


Kirigalpoththa said...

Superb pictures!

gogouci said...

You captured a great perspective of the city from the top of that bus. Awesome job.

spldbch said...

I like the "fake" looking picture. It looks like a little model village:-)

James said...

Photographing the city from the top of the bus was a great way of shooting 'anonymously.' There's also something to be said about shooting face to face, something I've become more comfortable with in the last few years!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend! J


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