Friday, September 11, 2009

Fly me to the Moon

My uncle is the president of the Air and Space Museum in San Diego, so I was hired to shoot Race to the Moon, the museum's tribute to NASA, recognizing the 40th anniversary of the first moon walk. Had the honor of meeting a dozen or so astronauts ranging from Apollo 7 to Apollo 16 as well as the new director of NASA, Charles Bolden. Held topside on the USS Midway under a full moon last weekend, it truly was an enchanted evening.

The Marine band parting, presenting the astronauts lined up behind the fireworks.

Fish eye view including the USS Midway, downtown San Diego, Coronado bridge and the bay.

This was another events fireworks going off behind us. By the way, I've had a couple people email regarding what settings or equipment I use to get some of my shots, and I don't mind those questions at all. I don't put much tech. info. in my posts because I know it would bore most people, but if you ever have a question, feel free to comment or email me!


spldbch said...

I love the picture of the fireworks. It's hard to capture something beautiful and make it more beautiful, but I think you've done it!

Tomy said...

very beautiful! your blog is simply captivating!

thanks for visiting my blog:)

Have a nice day

Ashley said...

Wow, what a great experience! Beautiful images, I especially love the last one of the moon.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Fantastic captures!


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