Monday, August 3, 2009

Zion remix

Had the pleasure of visiting Zion National Park again recently. The park is gorgeous, an absolute photographic wonderland and this trip did nothing but deepen my fondness for it. Again accompanied by my buddy Jeremey, we had two days of fun in the 100+ degree sun! I think my Alaskan bones are finally beginning to thaw out!

Big horned sheep, amazingly powerful and agile and just as curious of me as I of them.

The arrow sign is just begging for a caption! I think Jeremey said it should be titled 'One Way.' Anyway, it's nice to see a sign that gets to the point!

Ok, the two funny portraits had to go together to save space, but I wouldn't suggest actually giving horses beer. In my experience, they're crazy enough.

'The narrows' in Zion is widely considered the best hike in America and I can see why, it's breathtaking! Because of recent rain, it got pretty deep in some spots and I'm sure people got a kick out of watching me and Jeremey try and keep our cameras dry!

Noticed the sign on the way out. It's nice they put it up, we kept wondering why we didn't see many people in the water!


shail2chouhan said...

James,you are a excellent photographer ur art shows in ur images.Great work buddy.

Kirigalpoththa said...

sensational sky!


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