Monday, August 24, 2009

Moody blues, oranges and greens

Trying to find anything quickly in my archives never happens! While looking for another image, I came across these, a few that didn't make the portfolio but are interesting nonetheless.

The main grocery mart in Cannon Beach makes THE BEST fried burritos at their deli! If I had my choice of restaurants in Oregon, I would go there. My wife would tell you that that says a lot about me, and I do believe she's right.

Seal Rock, Central Oregon coast shortly after sunset. Of all the great times to be there, this is one of the best. When everyone else is gone and communion with nature is uninterrupted.

Taken well after sunset, exposure on this was running about six minutes. The light in the middle was produced by a couple at the end of the beach with a flashlight.


Kirigalpoththa said...

Superb camera work!

Diana Evans said...

oh wow! Birch trees are my favorite!

magicpolaroid said...

fantastic shots!


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