Saturday, October 27, 2012

I shoot landscapes, not only because of my love of wild places, but as with sports, I believe it's important to cross-train, develop and hone new skills, which in turn strengthen my wedding and advertising work. Beauty is everywhere and Death Valley is no exception. Here are some images from my last visit as well as the first image, a dog-leg trip up to Mono Lake for a sunset as well.




Amaris in Wonderland said...


They are all gorgeous.

James said...

Thanks Amaris, it's a gorgeous place, for sure.

spldbch said...

I love the sky in the first image.

James said...

Spldbch, hope you've been well! Yes, that sunset all of a sudden became very magical, peaked when I took this shot, and then slipped away as the colors all made their transition into the greys and blacks of night. Wonderful to witness!


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