Saturday, February 4, 2012

Best of Nature-Natural History Museum

I'm honored to be included in the Best of Nature photography installation on display at the Natural History Museum in San Diego for the third straight year. 72 images were chosen for display out of 1000 entries. To atone for my notable absence of late on my blog, I've decided to have another print giveaway. One of the following ten images, counting left to right, top to bottom was the jurors selection. I'll print an 8x10 or 8x12 for the person to correctly guess the chosen one first. You can email your guess or post it below.


Jeff Borck said...

I like #10 best, but knowing how judges are, I'm going to say #6.

Anonymous said...

My answer was the same as Jeff"s! I'll go with #10 then. :) - Amazing work James, really amazing!

melisslp said...

You have a wonderful gift, James! I love many of these, but my choice is number 8!

James said...

Thanks for the guesses guys. It's funny, I don't particularly care for #10, but that was the one. Jeff you were so close, but I'm gonna have to give it to Rhae Rhae! You can choose anything from my site Rhae, just let me know what you'd like!

Amaris in Wonderland said...

They are all amazing!

I realize the contest was a month ago, but my guess was 8 so it doesn't matter. Wrong answers are timeless... :D

Can't wait to see more of your work.


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