Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monument Valley

On the border of AZ and Utah, my buddy Jeremey and I, along with my Mom, brother and sister, all got to see Monument Valley for the first time earlier this month. Completely dependent of the weather, we hung around just long enough on a cloud covered day for the sun to break through at sunset for all of five minutes, giving us some good light on the 'Mittens.'

This is the view just North of MV on the 163 looking South. Interestingly, it's where Forest Gump decided to stop running in the movie and, where my buddy Jeremey left his tripod on the side of the road. Very generous of him...


Mersad said...

Both of them are amazing. Love hte first for the soft earth-tone colors and the second for the wast landscape and of course the car lights.

James said...

Thanks Mersad!

For those interested in another unique perspective from someone with a talent behind the camera, check out Mersad's blog at

Kirigalpoththa said...

Amazing shots!


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