Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here's to the SECOND most beautiful state in the union!

I can't tell you how happy the image of my Mom walking among pinyon pines on red rock makes me. Her spirit matching the beauty and adventurous nature of the land and her fortitude equaled only by the trees ability to thrive growing straight out of rock. We had a long journey out of Alaska, but both settled in states where the weather and amenities are more conducive to our overall well being.

The following are a few images from our recent trip to Arizona.

Jeans strong enough to stand on their own--when frozen solid!


wendy said...

GORGEOUS, James! I love the picture of your frozen jeans. I didn't even know jeans could freeze...

James said...

Good seeing you last week Wendy! Check out the Death Valley photos below when you get the chance. There's some 'other worldly' hiking there, you'd dig it!

: ) J


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