Monday, August 23, 2010

Land of Gigantic Trees-Sequoia NP

We made our way to Sequoia NP for 4th of July weekend. Yea, that's about how far behind I am on posts! We've been to Redwood NP so I think I underestimated how impressed I'd be. Not quite as tall, but massive in diameter! Once considered the largest organism on earth, they've now found underground moss that may be larger as well as the banyan trees in HI that appear to be separate, but are all connected. Nevertheless, General Sherman as well as many others are something to experience. And it was by far the best smelling NP I've been to, haha! On a hot summer day, it's simply exquisite!

View looking West toward the San Joaquin Valley and Lucy the pug sun bathing...or meditating, not sure.

The deepest gorge in the U.S., King's Canyon, reflecting off King's river at the bottom. We saw plenty of bears, luckily most during the day. I startled one (actually that went both ways) one night on my way to the restroom. 20 feet is WAY too close to be to a running bear! If it was so inclined, I could've been a snack in seconds, but fortunately, they are more scared of us than we are of them. I think.

Grizzly falls and a timed exposure of about an hour 15 or so, directly above our campsite. The red in the trees is from our campfire.

Lucy 'helping' us pack. Mosquito spray, beef jerky and the latest camping fashions at a local store, what more could you want?! Ritz crackers? We got those too! The traffic was actually on the way up. LA's got keep up the rep, you know?

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AkRonin said...

That's sooo funny... my brother Matthew's 2nd pug was named Lucy also, she was all black though.


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