Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lake Tahoe-Part one

My wife, two of our best friends and Lucy the pug got away for a long weekend to Lake Tahoe. We hit Mono Lake right at sunset on the way up. Fortunately for the patiently waiting girls, it WAS right at sunset, because Jeremey and I could have been there for hours otherwise. As with many things within the photographic realm, a seemingly unattractive lake to those passing by on the 395 becomes very interesting upon closer inspection. Especially at sunset, it has a majestic presence with a dash of creepy coolness, not unlike the Salton Sea.

The cloud image is one-click art, (under expose the image by a stop or so depending on how much white's in the frame, then auto levels did the rest in photoshop) but we don't get many cool clouds in San Diego, so when I see them I'm like a magpie attracted to something shiny. It makes driving very interesting.

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