Friday, December 11, 2009

Arizona, the photographic wonderland

My fascination with Arizona increases with each visit. It's beauty is, quite simply, breathtaking! Here are a few random images from a past trip.

My buddy Jeremey and I goofing off at our 'found' campsite outside of Grand Canyon National Park. Full moon, 32 second shutter, a couple flashes and the ultimate road trip dashboard make for an interesting self (ves?) portrait.

Slot canyons, Page AZ

Technically, I think this was Utah. Very close to the border.

1 comment:

Libbie said...

WOW! Now those are trip photos! I have NEVER seen any like it! I might need to take you with if I go ANYWHERE! Amazing! I LOVE the car -goofing around shot! What a treat all these are to look at! Thank You!


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